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01. Supply Chain Finance

At Greenstone Holdings the basis of our services is the arrangement of international project finance to companies, businesses, organizations, and individuals for compelling land development projects in the Construction, Industrial, and Supply Chain Management services.

02. Construction

At Greenstone we are an advocate of environmental friendly building materials, in order to reduce global carbon emissions, reduce waste created from the building industry whether for commercial or residential purposes, that will reduce the energy consumption of traditional building methods.

03. Manufacturing

At Greenstone Holdings we are interested in a variety of areas of manufacturing, and offer comprehensive advice across a broad section of industries in relation to best working practice, logistics of the project, and strategies for future growth.

04. Consulting

Our consulting services feature across all our business transactions, offering a vital support structure to our clients in order to provide them with the best advice in order to attain their business objectives and goals, now and for the future.

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