The Rosenthall Group.

The Rosenthall Group (TRG) that has such core managers as Mike Espy , Secretary of Agriculture under President Bill Clinton, Dr. Glenda Glover, Board member of Citi Bank/ President Tennessee State University, John Rosenthall senior attorney for Mobile Oil world-wide and Dr, Davis Chime expert on African resources.
I, Robert Rosenthall retired from the U. S. Army Corps of Engineering and worked three years as a humanitarian developer for the G 7 under the United Nation. Now I heads up TRG. Ahmad Haijawi main representative and main recognized assets holder.

The Rosenthall Group TGR - Bullion Bank of Africa

Ownership of Bullion Bank of Africa
All American Funding (AAF) and TS Imperial Banking (TSI) have partnered with The Rosenthall Group (TRG) and are now shareholders of the Bullion Bank of Africa. The partnerships goal is to develop the Bullion Banks operations in Africa by providing the required resources for exploration, mining and refining of precious metals and stones.